Social Accountability Policies


KOON SENG (KS) places a strong emphasis on social responsibility within the workplace. The company prioritizes creating a supportive and inclusive work environment where employees are treated with dignity and respect. It ensures fair wages, safe working conditions, and opportunities for personal and professional development. Koon Seng fosters a collaborative culture that values diversity, promotes employee well-being and a strict quality system, which adheres strictly to social responsibility compliance which cohere to SEDEX. By nurturing social cohesion and a positive workplace atmosphere, Koon Seng strives to create a harmonious and fulfilling work environment for its employees.

Social Compliance

KOON SENG acts responsible and ethically by focusing on a core group of values that define the scope of our social accountability.

The concerning values are listed as follow: –

No Child Labor Policy

  • We respect the right of children to development and education. Exploitation of child labor is totally unacceptable. There is zero tolerance towards this policy. No child shall be employed, and no young person shall perform hazardous work in KS or supplier’s worksite. In general, all employee underage of 15 must not be employed in this company. Proof of age should be kept.

Forced Labor

  • The use of forced or involuntary labor will not be tolerated by our company.
  • Employment on a voluntary basis. There is zero tolerance towards this policy.
  • We do not condone or use any form including indenture, prison, bonded or slave labor.

Freedom of Choice

  • Workers cannot be forced to work, expected by agreement freely entered into.
  • Workers have the right to leave their place of employment after having given notice and worked the required notice period.
  • Workers cannot be forced to hand over money deposit or identity papers, unless there is a legal requirement, and are free to leave after reasonable notice period.

Freedom of Association

  • The freedom of association and the right to collective bargaining is respected.
  • Workers’ representatives are not discriminated against and have access to carry out their representative functions in the workplace.

Harassment and abuse

  • We are committed in providing a workplace that is free from harassment and abuse.
  • No physical abuse, the threat of physical abuse, sexual or abuse harassment and verbal abuse will be tolerance in any circumstance.

Wages & Benefits

  • Wages and benefits paid comply with national laws.
  • Workers shall be provided with written and understandable information about their employment conditions in respect to wages and about their particular of pay period.
  • Wages should be paid either on weekly or monthly basis, without unlawful and unreasonable deductions.
  • Overtime shall be paid at an enhanced rate, at a minimum compliant with legislation.
  • Workers should be granted all benefits to which they are entitle e.g., annual leave and sick leave.

Working Hours

  • Working hour, whether ordinary working hour or overtime, must comply with applicable hour of labor laws.
  • Overtime must be paid according to the higher rate than normal working hours. Overtime should be voluntary basis.
  • All workers shall be entitled to at least one day off in every seven (7) day period.

Recruitment Control

  • For all the recruitment whether it is local or foreigner, shall comply with the term and condition as enacted by Department of Labor and Immigration Department of Malaysia.
  • We shall ensure that the reasonable recruitment fees bear by company.
  • HRD shall handle all the recruitment activities accordance with company policy in clarity and transparency.


  • Our employment practices are no discrimination in hiring, promotion, training or termination based on race, nationality, religion, age, gender, disability, social or ethnic orientation.
  • All workers must be given a written contract of employment and information regarding their employment conditions and wages.

Workplace Condition

  • All workers provided with a clean, safe and healthy environment in which to work in compliance with all applicable laws and regulations.
  • We provide proper sanitation, fire safety, risk protection, well ventilated, safe heating facilities, electrical fitting and appliance and temperature in the factory and should be tolerable at all times.
  • Workers also provided clean drinking water, storage to keep personal or foodstuff and an adequate number of toilets. Preferably separated for men/women.
  • All machinery must be maintained to ensure that workers are not at any unreasonable risk whilst using or near to the machinery.
  • We have provided with all necessary safety equipment at least comply with minimum safety standards. Training as necessary to ensure the safety equipment are being used correctly. This should be recorded.
  • All dangerous and hazardous materials must be stored, used and disposed of in a correct and safe manner.
  • All fire exits and all routes to fire exits must be free from obstruction and clearly sign-posted with a commonly recognized symbol.
  • First-Aid equipment are available, and we have trained basic first aid to appoint first aider.
  • First Aids room also provided in the factory.


  • Employees may have occasional problems or issues affecting their work-related activities where employee thinks to be unfair, discriminatory or unjustified, and it is important to resolve these as soon as possible.
  • Grievance can be delivered via email, direct manager and grievance representative.
  • We shall ensure that such grievances are dealt with promptly, fairly and in accordance with other related Company policies.

Compliance with all applicable law and regulation

  • In absence of law in a particular location relating to product safe, labor, employment and environment or working conditions, the spirit and intent of these policies are met.

Continuous Improvement

  • We commit to review this policy in order to continually improve, taking into consideration change in legislation and any other requirements to which the Company subscribes, and in order to ensure the adequacy, suitability and continuing effectiveness of the policy.

KOON SENG reaffirms its commitment to minimize the adverse impact of its products, operations and services on the environment.

Towards this end we shall strive to: –

  1. Comply with the Malaysian legal/regulatory and other environmental requirements.
  2. Use of environmentally sustainable technologies and practices for prevention of pollution and the continual improvement in environmental performance.
  3. Building awareness of our workforce, customers and vendors on environment issues.
  4. Preventing pollution to the environmental, practicing efficient energy and resources conservation management, and promoting recycling, reuse, reduction and replacement (4R) whenever possible.
  5. Controlling and monitoring emission to air, water and land and minimizing the generation of waste to practical levels.
  6. Inculcating awareness, responsibility and commitment for the protection of the environment for all who may be affected, directly or indirectly by their activities with KOON SENG.
  7. Working with our business partners, including customers, contractors and suppliers to promote and implement environmental protection practices within their organizations.
  8. Building relationships based on trust and open communication with the authorities, the public and the local community in promoting environmental protection.
Health & Safety

We are committed to contribute towards providing a safe and healthy workplace for our employees and the surrounding communities.

In fulfilling this commitment, all our manufacturing activities and services, shall abide by: –

  1. Comply with Malaysian legislation and regulations and other requirements.
  2. Protect employees and other person performing duties on behalf of KOON SENG in the plant from ill health and potential hazards.
  3. Eliminating or minimize accidents and incidents related to safety and ill health.
  4. Inculcating awareness, responsibility and commitment for health and safety to all whom may be affected, directly or indirectly by their activities or services with KOON SENG.
  5. Building relationships based on trust and open communication with the authorities, the public and the local community in promoting health and safety protection.
  6. Review Occupational safety and health performance for continual improvement.

KOON SENG are committed toward the policy and will take all the necessary action to prevent the confidential information be leaking or explore to public or competitor.

KOON SENG employees have an obligation to safeguard confidential information, whether generated internally or acquired from other sources, and to use it only in the performance of your employment responsibilities.

Scope of policy

This policy affected all employees, including board members, consultants, contractors, suppliers, services providers, visitors and inspectors who may have access to confidential information.

Anti Bribery

It is our policy to conduct all of our business in an honest and ethical manner.

  1. We take zero tolerance approach to bribery and corruption.
  2. We are committed to acting professionally, fairly and with integrity in all our business dealings and relationships wherever we operate and implementing and enforcing effective systems to counter bribery.

KOON SENG are committed towards continue improvement of a safe working environment for its employee.

In achieving this, we shall,

  1. To safeguard factory properties from vandalism and stolen activities by any unauthorized personals to enter factory premises.
  2. To create a safe and secure workplace for employee.
  3. To safeguard factory goods are process and ship under a safe condition.